April 29, 2012

About Jovis Wee ♥

After Graduation,
My classmate all continued their studies and enjoying college life.

Felt that lost contact with them actually,
all busy prepare exam lar, prepare open day lar, bla bla bla...

also have my LIFE also.

My Life just working , learning, enjoying.
that is my best LIFE.

because my work no need work on Saturday and Sunday.
but when I work also will TIRED.

because no transport wanna followed my dad.
early morning 7 a.m. wan wake up prepared.

but I no blame anything actually,
because I damn love my working LIFE.

can wear formal, make up, enjoy, fun and learning.
so good and meaning in my working life.

but this work is my first time experience,
so diffuclt understand for me.

dont look I just a Lawyer Firm clerk only.
but I must learn many thing at there.

everyday attend client,
everyday explain about loan agreement for client,
everyday typing letter to client, bank, developer,
everyday do some agreement,
everyday answer call from client, bank, developer,
bla, bla,bla... so many need I to do.

I just work less than one month,
I need to attend client ,answer call, explain about loan agreement for client,
many many.

another colleague work in 3 month just find file,
no need to do what I doing the work now in three month.

unfair right.?
I less than one month at there, I also have to do so many difficult thing.

but I dont wan care about that,
because I know if I care about that I just disadvantage.

So, I always told myself ,
be mature thinking, be myself enough, be confident.

expect I working,
next month start to attend my class soon.

so nervous ,
Buisness English feel like so hard to me.

but I will try my best to concenrate to learn.

Next week wanna Straighten my hair and start to learning car driving already,
so excited!

Be new JOVIS WEE....

If can try to call JOVIS .

HAHAHA~ because I little bit accustomed to ppl call me Jovis^^

Just stop here, will be continue^^

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